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DDMF introduce GrandEQ plug-in

Minimum and linear phase operation modes

DDMF GrandEQ minimum linear phase equaliser plug-in

DDMF have announced the launch of GrandEQ, a new equaliser plug-in which the company say is the culmination of all they have learnt since the release of their first software EQ in 2006.

The plug-in is equipped with minimum and linear phase settings, with the former helping to greatly reduce the amount of digital artefacts introduced into the signal whilst maintaining low levels of latency, and the latter utilising a time-reversal algorithm along with two-fold oversampling to ensure a flat phase response with the lowest possible amount of digital distortion.

DDMF GrandEQ minimum linear phase equaliser plug-inGrandEQ manages to match the phase response of an analogue EQ to beyond 20kHz.Seven bands of equalisation are provided, each equipped with gain, frequency and width controls, and users  are able to choose between bell, low-shelf, high-shelf, low-cut, high-cut, notch and band-pass filters.

The plug-in is a two-channel processor, and is capable of operating in stereo, mid-side and independent two-channel operation modes. These is also a useful A/B function, which allows users to quickly and easily switch between two alternative EQ configurations to audition and compare different settings. 


GrandEQ is supported on Windows and Mac platforms, with Mac users requiring macOS 10.7 or higher. VST, VST3, AU and AAX versions are available, and the company are currently working on an AUv3 version for use on supported mobile-based iOS DAW applications.

Pricing & Availability

GrandEQ is available now, and DDMF are offering 40% off of its full price of $139 until 31 March 2023. Those who own the company’s All Plugins Bundle or Full Bundle are eligible for a discount of 50%.

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