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XPatch gains Stream Deck support

Offers remote control over routing settings

CB Electronics XPatch analogue routing matrix patchbay system Stream Deck remote control support

CB Electronics have released the latest software update for their XPatch analogue routing matrix devices. Version 4.2 of the device’s software brings with it some small bug fixes in both the software and firmware, but the headline feature is the introduction of support for Elgato’s range of Stream Deck devices, which can now be used to provide remote control over the XPatch’s routing configurations.

The XPatch software is able to connect directly to a Stream Deck without using Elgato’s application, with users able to configure their device via a new option in the software’s Settings menu. CB Electronics say that they have tested the software with a 15-key Stream Deck MkI running Version 2 software. The Stream Deck XL version and M1/M2 Mac software are yet to be tested, and Version 1 of Elgato’s software is not yer supported.

We reviewed the XPatch-32 in the August 2021 issue of SOS, you can check out the article here to find out more, although the company have since greatly increased the functionality of the unit through a number of software updates.


The latest software for the XPatch is available now, and is free to existing users. Instructions on how to install and configure the software can be found on the CB Electronics website.

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