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CB Electronics reveal ER-Range

Manage Eurorack patches remotely

CB Electronics ER-Range Eurorack modular synth patch routing switching matrix

CB Electronics’ range of analogue routing matrices offer an elegant alternative to a studio patchbay, allowing users to connect all of the analogue processors to a central device and control routing configurations remotely, without the need to so much as touch a patch cable! With the upcoming launch of launch of the ER-Range, that same concept will be available to those with Eurorack modular synths. 

The range will consist of three modules: ER-Processor, which will offer integration with a computer; ER-Patch 16/32, a patchbay-style panel with a 16x16 matrix that will also function as an active mult; and ER-Gain, a module that will provide eight channels of gain control as well as handling summing. Both the ER-Patch and ER-Gain will be DC-coupled, and so will be able to handle CV signals as well as audio. For those who wish to expand the system, it will be possible to combine a pair of ER-Patch modules to form a 32x32 matrix. 

The ER-Processor will provide connectivity with a computer via Ethernet and USB, with MIDI I/O allowing communication with external controllers. A set of eight 3.5mm inputs will offer control, recording and playback of trigger and gate signals, and the module will be able to store 128 snapshots that hold parameters for up to 16 different modules. Along with the computer control, all of the functionality will be available on the module itself via a navigation encoder and TFT display. 

Depending on user response, CB Electronics may also introduce the following three additional modules:

  • ER-MicAmp: Mic/line input with meter, envelope, trigger and gate outputs
  • ER-Meters: Four meters
  • ER-Dynamics: Limiter/Compressor/Expander/Gate 

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Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information is yet to be confirmed, although CB Electronics say that the first ER-Processor and ER-Patch modules will soon be heading out for some real-world testing. We’ll update this story accordingly as the information becomes available.

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