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Antelope Zeo: Portable D-A & headphone amp

Uses renowned clocking and converter technology

Antelope Audio Zeo portable high-quality reference-grade D-A converter headphone amplifer

Antelope Audio are well-known for their pro audio gear, with their current product line-up consisting of an ever-growing range of audio interfaces, converters, clocks and modelling microphones. Their most recent release, however, sees the company reintroduce their acclaimed hi-fi range, and comes in the form of the Zeo, a portable high-quality D-A converter and headphone amplifier.

The compact device is housed within a machined aluminium body, and features just a USB-C port and a 3.5mm mini-jack headphone output. Antelope have employed a high-quality D-A converter based on the designs found in their popular studio equipment, and the same 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology is also present.

Zeo also supports the playback of DSD (Direct Stream Digital) files via 128 DoP (DSD over PCM). In addition to its appeal to the hi-fi market, the company say that Zeo’s performance makes it well-suited to travelling musicians and producers who require a reference-grade listening solution outside of the studio.

An output impedance of less than 1Ω allows the device to happily drive a wide range of headphone models, and the company specify a dynamic range figure of 130dB. Windows, macOS, iOS and Android platforms are all supported, with Zeo designed as a plug-and-play unit to allow for effortless setup across a range of different devices and playback systems.

Pricing & Availability

The Zeo is available to buy now, priced at €208.

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