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Antelope Audio launch Synergy Core Native

Plug-ins now available without Antelope hardware

Antelope Audio Synergy Core Native analogue emulation processing effects plug-in bundle

Antelope Audio have announced that their acclaimed hardware modelling plug-ins can now be run natively on Windows and macOS systems without the need for their DSP-equipped interfaces. The new Synergy Core Native subscription plan currently contains 38 plug-ins, and Antelope say that more are currently in development and will be added for no additional cost through regular updates.

The collection offers access to meticulous recreations of a range of different vintage processors and effects, all of which can now be used regardless of a user’s choice of audio interface. There are nine different dynamics processors including the likes of the Tubechild 670 and OPTO-2A, covering a range of different compression characters, whilst over 15 EQ plug-ins offer everything from surgical correction to musical-sounding broad boosts.

A full complement of delays, flangers, vibratos, chorus and modulation effects are also provided, with emulations of classic devices such as the Electro Harmonix Delux Memory Man joined by more modern offerings such as Multi-Voice Chorus, which is capable of producing up to 12 different voicings based on the input source.


Synergy Core Native is supported on Windows and macOS systems (no minimum OS requirements specified). All of the plug-ins are available in VST3, AU and AAX formats. Authorisation is taken care of by PACE’s iLok system, either via iLok Cloud or a USB dongle (iLok 2 or higher).

Pricing & Availability

Synergy Core Native is available now via a membership plan, which is priced at €14.95 per month, or €149 per year.

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