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Antelope Audio expand Synergy Core Native collection

Bundle gains four new dynamics plug-ins

Antelope Audio Synergy Core Native Diode 609 VP Drum-All-Nite VP Gate Keeper VP Brainiac analogue emulation plug-ins

Antelope Audio are well known for their collection of high-quality hardware, with their product range offering a variety of audio interfaces, converters, monitor controllers, reference clocks and modelling mics — and more recently, studio monitors. Their catalogue also includes a growing collection of software offerings, and their most recent release adds four new dynamics processors to their Synergy Core Native plug-in bundle. 

First up is Diode 609, which is modelled on Neve’s popular 33609 unit, and promises to brings its renowned sound character into the digital realm as well as equipping it with some enhanced features designed to suit modern production needs. The three plug-ins that follow then continue the trend by emulating a trio of Valley People processors. 

VP Drum-All-Nite is a compressor and limiter said to be capable of providing huge amounts of gain reduction with minimal distortion — Antelope say that it’s a must-have for punchy drum sounds, but will also excel on electric guitar, bass and vocals. VP Gate Keeper II then offers some gating and expansion designed for transient-heavy drums and guitars, and boasts a wide enough control range to tackle everything from subtle enhancement to more extreme sound design tasks. 

Finally, there’s VP Brainiac II, which models VCA compressor and offers a fast response that’s well suited to vocals, drums and acoustic instruments. The company say that it combines the best elements of vintage design and modern precision, and comes equipped with a unique Release Mode switch that offers a choice of linear or logarithmic response, and is capable of maintaining low-end integrity even when applying heavy compression.  


The Synergy Core Native collection is supported on Windows and macOS systems, with VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions available. Authorisation is taken care of by PACE’s iLok system either via iLok Cloud, or an iLok USB dongle (2nd gen or higher).

Pricing & Availability

The Synergy Core Native collection is available now, priced at $14.95 / month, or $149 / year. The latest additions are available to existing members for no additional charge.

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