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EVE Audio upgrade SC3010 & SC3012

Main monitors gain new low-frequency drivers

Berlin-based monitoring experts EVE Audio have updated the design of their SC3010 and SC3012 studio monitors, which are now kitted out with newly designed 10- and 12-inch low-frequency drivers respectively. Thanks to the upgrade, both models now boast improved low-frequency performance specs that bolster their ability to serve as main monitors without the need for a separate subwoofer. 

The new drivers are a double-coated, low-resonance design that utilises a metal diaphragm, and extend the SC3010 and SC3012’s response down to 29 and 25 Hz respectively while maintaining a dynamic, accurate sound. The change is complemented by filter adjustments in the amplifier section — which provides 1300W power in total — and as well as the technical improvements, the silver aluminium woofer membrane also give the monitors a striking new look. 

High-frequency reproduction is taken care of by EVE’s largest Air Motion Transformer unit, the RS6, a design that has been developed with the aim of delivering high SPLs with optimised directivity while maintaining extremely low distortion figures. The three-way design then places a five-inch driver on midrange duties, which is placed alongside the AMT in a rotatable housing that allows the models to be used vertically or horizontally. Of course, the company’s signature SMART-knob remains, offering volume and EQ filtering adjustment directly from the front panel. 

Pricing & Availability

The latest versions of the SC3010 and SC3012 are available now, priced at $5600€3999 and £7360€5199 per speaker respectively.

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