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Lower prices announced on Eve Audio monitors in US

Growth and greater efficiency allows monitor maker to drop prices

Eve Audio’s US distributor, Momentum Audio Sales, have lowered pricing across the entire Eve product line in the US market.

Having celebrated their fifth anniversary last year, Eve has now sustained steady growth for several years, allowing the Berlin-based manufacturer to realize efficiency gains in manufacturing and distribution through higher volume. These lower costs and greater volume in shipping are being passed on to the customer through lower retail pricing.

"By passing reduced manufacturing costs on to customers, Eve is investing in their future," said John Devins, CEO of Momentum Audio Sales. "Competitive retail pricing will allow more customers to experience the technical and sonic advantages of Eve Audio monitors and continue to fuel future growth and new product development.”

Eve Audio was founded on the principal that loudspeakers should not only be built with the latest technology, but the right combination of specially designed and engineered components to produce the most accurate and pleasing sound reproduction possible. To achieve this goal, company Founder Roland Stenz questioned and studied each audio component and designed specific components from the ground up for each Eve model. In doing so, he has developed versions of various loudspeaker technologies such as glass fibre coated SilverCone woofers, Air Motion tweeters, high-resolution precision DSP, and what Eve claim to be the most efficient bass ports on the market.

"Rather than use common off-the-shelf components to save cost at the expense of quality, Eve Audio designs and builds each component to work together," said Devins. "The result is a stunningly accurate, efficient, and great sounding speaker design. This is German engineering at it's best!”

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