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Eve Audio SC305 competition winner announced

Reader Patrick Pinnock wins SOS competition

We are very pleased to announce that the winner of the Eve Audio 305 competition in Sound On Sound is Patrick Pinnock of Slough, UK.

Competition winner Patrick Pinnock with his new Eve SC305 monitorsWe would like to congratulate Patrick on behalf of Sound On Sound, Eve Audio and Nova Distribution, who kindly donated the prize. We hope Patrick enjoys using these fantastic speakers on future productions! 

The Eve Audio SC305 monitors, named for their eye-catching, proprietary SilverCone drivers, are the smaller sibling of the SC307 monitor we reviewed in February 2013. In his review, Bob Thomas called the SC307 “an impressive monitor” with “a smooth character”, offering a “high level of performance”. The SC305 is cut from the same cloth. Like its larger relative, the SC305 is an impressive three-way, active monitor featuring three Class-D amplifiers and an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter. The only difference is in the SC305’s smaller SilverCone drivers and the power rating of its amplifiers: 50W apiece.

The design concept behind Eve Audio’s exemplary three-way systems is to distribute audio frequencies properly between individual components, to raise the efficiency of the whole monitor. In order to achieve this, each of the two five-inch drivers has a different role. One delivers sound between 50Hz and 350Hz, functioning as a bass woofer. The other works as a bass/mid-range driver, operating up to the 3kHz crossover frequency and resulting, say Eve Audio, in more efficient sound transmission.

After the analogue input has been converted to 192kHz, 24-bit digital audio, using high-grade Burr-Brown chips, the DSP in the SC305s allows the high- and low-frequency response to be tailored to your studio. The on-board DSP also lets you define which of the mid-range/bass drivers is to handle frequencies below 350Hz. This means that you don’t have to worry about left or right variants, and also that you can experiment with bass-driver positioning when the monitor is in situ.

The Eve Audio SC305 pair is available now with a retail price of £1535. To find out more, contact Nova Distribution on +44 (0)20  3589 2530 or go to the Eve Audio website.

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