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Novation update FL Key firmware

New features & enhanced FL Studio integration

Novation FLkey firmware v1.2 FL Studio plug-in virtual instrument mixer parameter control

Novation have announced the release of a firmware update that brings a range of new features to their FLkey controller keyboards. With the v1.2 firmware installed the range boasts improved plug-in and virtual instrument control in Image Line’s FL Studio, and also gains some general functionality improvements. 

FL Studio Integration

  • Direct Control of Mixer Plug-ins: Users can now control FL Studio’s mixer plug-in parameters directly from their FLkey, allowing for hands-on adjustments to EQ, delays, compressors and other effects without the need for a mouse. 
  • Streamlined Plugin Navigation: It’s now possible to navigate through track plug-ins using the Shift and Channel Rack Up/Down buttons, with the selected plug-in is highlighted in FL Studio for easy visual reference.
  • Mixer Track Navigation for Full-Size Models: FLkey 37, 49 and 61 users can navigate individual mixer tracks using the Shift and Mixer Left/Right buttons, reducing the need for mouse interaction. 
  • Kepler Instrument Control: The controllers’ pots now offer hands-on control of Image-Line’s latest built-in synthesiser, Kepler.

Additional Updates

  • Enhanced Play/Stop Functionality: The Play and Stop buttons now transmit real-time Start/Stop messages via USB and MIDI when operating outside of any DAW. This feature is particularly beneficial for those using external sequencers and grooveboxes. 
  • Custom Modes with External MIDI Feedback: The FLkey’s 16 velocity-sensitive pads now illuminate in response to incoming MIDI on/off messages, providing real-time visual feedback. 


The 1.2 firmware is available now for all registered FLkey users running the latest version of FL Studio, and can be downloaded via Novation’s Components software.

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