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Novation introduce FLkey 49 & 61

Dedicated FL Studio controller range expanded

Novation FLkey 49

Novation have announced two new additions to their FLkey MIDI controller range, the FLkey 49 and FLkey 61. Like the existing models, the new controllers have been designed specifically to provide seamless, hands-on integration with Image-Line’s FL Studio DAW software, but offer two larger keybed options and an extended set of controls.

Novation FLkey 49 61 Image-Line FL Studio MIDI controller keyboardsBoth of the new FLkey models are equipped with eight encoders, nine faders, 16 drum pads and a selection of dedicated function buttons.Both of the new models have been developed in collaboration with Image-Line, and have been designed to provide users with as much control as possible without needing to switch back to their computer’s keyboard and mouse. Dedicated buttons provide access to the DAW’s transport, score log, undo, redo, quantise and metronome triggering functions, whilst presets for Image-Line’s stock plug-ins can also be browsed directly from the FLkey.

The encoders found on the previous models are still present, and are now joined by nine additional faders and buttons which provide hands-on control over FL Studio’s Mixer and Channel Rack, as well as providing the ability to input automation data. The built-in pads then offer a quick and intuitive way to record and program drum parts, and can also be used to directly edit patterns as well as taking control of the DAW’s step sequencer.

On top of the control functionality, both models also come equipped with a range of performance-based features that enhance users’ writing and recording processes. Three different Chord Modes are on offer: Fixed, User and Scale, allowing custom chords and chords in different scales to be triggered with a single finger, whilst a Scale Mode lets users select their chosen scale and ensure that every note triggered will be in tune.

Novation FLkey 61 FL Studio MIDI keyboard controllerThe largest of the FLkey range is equipped with a 61-note keybed.


Both the FLkey 49 and FLkey 61 also come bundled with the following software:

  • FL Studio Producer Edition (Six-Month Trial)
  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys
  • AAS Session bundle
  • Spitfire Audio Expressive Strings
  • Klevgrand DAW Cassette
  • Klevgrand R0verb

To find out more about the integration between the FLkey controller range and FL Studio, take a look at our in-depth review of the FLkey 37.

Pricing & Availability

Both new controllers are available to pre-order now, with exact shipping dates to be confirmed. The FLkey 49 is priced at $229.99£299.99 including VAT / €226.88, and the FLkey 61 costs $279.99£279.99 including VAT / €268.90.

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