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Klevgrand unveil Tomofon add-ons

New Audio Models for latest soft synth

Klevgrand Audio Model Packs wavetable softsynth vintage organ analog synths tuned percussion ambient soundscape presets

Klevgrand have announced the launch of the first set of expansions for their recently released Tomofon, a new software synthesizer which uses the company’s own Audio Model format to extract wavetables from audio files. a total of four new Audio Model Packs are included in the release: Vintage Organs, Analog Synths, Tuned Percussion and Pink Textures, each of which contain a selection of Audio Models as well as a range of new presets.

Vintage Organs contains a range of Audio Models created from samples of classic electric organs designed to add a retro feel to productions, whilst the contents of Analog Synths has been captured from a wide variety of icon synthesizers. Tuned Percussion then offers a selection of instruments including marimbas, kalimbas, toms, cymbals, wood blocks, glockenspiels, metal pipes and more.

Pink Textures takes a slightly different approach, providing a collection of ambient, cinematic sounds created by sound designer Marie Rose. As with Tomofon’s original built-in Audio Models, the aim of all of the expansions is not to emulate the sounds of the instruments they sample, but rather to use the recordings as a starting point to create entirely new patches.


The packs require Klevgrand’s Tomofon soft synth, which is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and higher, and Macs running macOS 10.10 or above. AU, VST and AAX versions are available. The new Audio Models and presets will automatically be available within Tomofon after running the installers.

Pricing & Availability

All of the packs are available now, and are priced at $14.99 each. Alternatively, all four can be purchased as a bundle for $29.99.

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