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Yamaha to launch CK series pianos

New 88- & 61-key stage keyboards

Yamaha CK series CK88 CK61 stage piano keyboard portable lightweight organ string brass performance instrument

Yamaha have announced the upcoming introduction of the CK88 and CK61, a pair of new portable stage keyboards that build on the success of their CP and YC series instruments. Despite their compact form factor and lightweight design, however, both instruments are equipped with a wide range of on-board sounds, intuitive hands-on controls and comprehensive sound design capabilities. 

Sounds, Parts & Effects

A variety of high-quality piano, string, brass, organ and modern synth sounds derived from both the CP and YC series are present on both instruments, and can be split across up to three zones or layered with each other. Each of the three parts can be individually edited and processed with the instruments’ built-in effects, with an additional master effects section available for the combined sounds.

Resonant filters and envelopes are joined by a range of drive and modulation processors, as well as a delay, reverb and master EQ section, allowing the instruments’ sounds to be fine-tuned, or transformed using the range of processing options.


Hands-on control over all of the instruments most important parameters is provided by a collection of front panel buttons, encoders and faders. Users are able to quickly switch between the sounds or combine them during a performance, with customisable colour-coding of switches helping to provide a clear indication of which parameters are active for each part.

Yamaha CK series CK88 stage piano keyboard portable lightweight organ string brass performance instrumentThe larger of the two instruments is equipped with Yamaha's GHS keybed.Key effects parameters are represented by dedicated front panel controls, allowing settings to be adjusted in real time during performances without the need for screens and menus, and a set of drawbar controls offer authentic control over the instruments’ organ patches.

The CK88 is equipped with a with Yamaha's GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keybed, whilst the CK61 employs a new FSB design with a lightweight action.


Stereo line-level outputs are provided on quarter-inch jack connectors, with an additional pair providing an input for either microphone or external line-level sources. a pair of pedals can be connected via two TS sockets, and MIDI connectivity is provided both via USB and five-pin DIN sockets. Built-in speakers are provided on both models, and each is capable of running on batteries if required.


Both models are designed to be played anywhere, with the CK61 weighing 5.6kg, and the C88 weighing just over 13kg due to its slightly larger size and the inclusion of the GHS keybed.

Pricing & Availability

The CK series instruments will be available to purchase in April 2023, with the CK88 priced at $1499.99£1680, and the CK61 costing $999.99£1119.60 (prices include VAT).

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