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Yamaha SEQTRAK: all-in-one production system

Compact unit combines drums, synthesis, sampling & more

Yamaha SEQTRAK all-in-one production instrument drum machine synth sampler

The latest addition to Yamaha’s music production line-up combines drum programming with synthesis and sampling, and despite its compact form factor, also manages to squeeze in an onboard sequencer and a collection of effects. Housed in a lightweight, portable enclosure, SEQTRAK features an intuitive interface and a wealth of hands-on controls, offering an all-in-one production solution that can capture and develop ideas anywhere.

Sound Engines & Programming

Yamaha’s AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sound engine provides a vast collection of authentic sounds including pianos, strings and guitars ands boasts 128-note polyphony, whilst a separate four-operator FM synthesis engine delivers a versatile range of pads, leads, electronic pianos sounds and more. A dedicated drum section houses eight encoders that provide hands-on control over individual kit element levels, along with 16 buttons that act either as real-time inputs for triggering the onboard sounds or as a programmable sequencer.

A synth section follows, containing level controls for three tracks: Synth 1, Synth 2 and DX. Another set of buttons make it possible to input melodies, and can be set to a range of different scale or chord values using a set of encoders in the following section. It is also possible to configure the buttons in the drum section to act as a full keyboard for chromatic playing, or play the synths externally from a MIDI keyboard.

Each of the devices tracks can also be tweaked further using the included SEQTRAK app for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices, which provides a suite of editing tools along with envelopes, filters and effects.

Sampling, Effects & Performance

A library of onboard sounds are provided, with over 2000 presets covering everything from pianos and synths through to a variety of drum hits, and for those wishing to add their own content into the mix, a built-in sampler makes it possible to capture external sources using either a built-in mic or stereo audio input. There’s a healthy selection of effects included, too, with reverb and delay processors joined by a compressor, distortion, modulation effects and more.

Along with its creation-focused features, SEQTRAK also comes loaded with functions designed for performance, with its sequencer boasting an array of tempo and swing settings, and a Tracks and Patterns system making quick work of creating alternative arrangements and remixes in real time.


A trio of 3.5mm mini-jack sockets on the side of the device offer a stereo headphone output, a stereo audio input and a MIDI input or output (an adapter cable is included), whilst a USB-C socket offers both audio and MIDI connectivity with a host computer. There’s also MIDI via Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity that can be used to transfer WAV files without connecting any cables. Yamaha say that the availability of SEQTRAK’s wireless functions depend on the user’s area, and can be confirmed by local Yamaha dealers — wireless functions are not available to those using Windows-based PCs.

SEQTRAK is powered via USB, and can also be used without a power supply thanks to a rechargeable battery, which offers between three and four hours of continuous use on a full charge (charge time is between three and five hours).

Pricing & Availability

The SEQTRAK is available now, priced at $599.

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