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Neural DSP release Archetype: Gojira X

Heavy metal amp & cabinet simulation plug-in upgraded

Neural DSP Archetype Gojira X guitar amp cabinet simulation emulation plug-in Quad Cortex

Neural DSP’s Archetype: Gojira captures the tones of Joe Duplantier, co-founder and guitarist of French heavy metal giants Gojira. Now, with the release of Archetype: Gojira X, the plug-in has been treated to a redesigned GUI, and has gained a range of new features including upcoming support for the company’s Quad Cortex pedalboard-style hardware modelling system.

New Features

A new Transpose function has been introduced, with users now able to shift their guitar’s tuning up or down by up to 12 semitones, whilst a Doubler function makes it possible to quickly simulate the sound of a double-tracked recording. The plug-in has also gained a customisable Metronome section with options for a select of time signatures, and a live Tuner module housed at the bottom of the GUI. Neural DSP have stated that they are planning another update that will introduce compatibility with their Quad Cortex systems.

Original Content

For those who aren’t familiar with Archetype: Gojira, it combines a set of three amplifier models with a range of effects processors and a comprehensive cabinet simulation section. Clean, Rust and Hot amp models provide users with everything from pristine vintage tube-style sounds though to the cranked, high-gain tone Gojira are known for, and are each equipped with their own independent nine-band graphic EQ. There’s no shortage of cabinet choices, either, thanks to built-in Cabsim section equipped with hundreds of impulse responses and six virtual mic position choices.

As for processing, a Pre-Effects collection comes kitted out with overdrive, distortion, phaser and chorus pedal emulations, whilst a Time-Effects section offers delay and reverb. Pitch-Effects, then includes Wow, a MIDI-programmable pitch-shifter, and Oct, a polyphonic octave processor capable of adding a pair of independent octaves to the incoming signal — one at an octave below, and the other at two octaves below.


Archetype: Gojira X is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 10.14 or higher. VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-ins are available along with a standalone application. Authorisation is taken care of by PACE’s iLok system, but a physical dongle is not required.

Pricing & Availability

Archetype: Gojira X is available now, and is being offered for an introductory price of €90.30 until 22 January 2024, reduced from its full cost of €129. Owners of the original Archetype: Gojira are eligible for a free upgrade.

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