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Mackie launch DLZ Creator XS, ProFXv3+ & MobileMix

Collection of new products for content creators & musicians

Mackie January 2024 releases

It seems to be a busy time for Mackie, who have just announced the release of not one, but five new products! Podcasters will no doubt be pleased to see the DLZ Creator XS, a compact version of the company’s all-in-one podcasting device, whilst those looking to live stream their gigs or shows now have a choice of three new ProFXv3+ mixers along with the new compact MobileMix miniature mixer. Performers haven’t been left out, either — a new ShowBox system offers a portable, battery-powered all-in-one speaker and mixer rig — and the company have also released their first video-focused product, the MainStream, which combines video, audio and stream control into a single device aimed at those live streaming games.

DLZ Creator XS

Mackie DLZ Creator XS podcasting recorder workstation live streaming mixer

The first of the new releases offers a more compact version of the DLZ Creator, aimed at podcasters and streamers who require fewer inputs and outputs but seek the same high-quality performance. a pair of the company’s Onyx preamps are present, delivering up to 80dB of gain, and are joined by two independent headphone outputs, quarter-inch and 3.5mm TRS audio inputs, as well as USB and Bluetooth audio inputs. Multitrack audio can be recorded to a computer via USB, and the device also allows recording to, and playback from, an onboard SD card slot or external flash drive.

The faders found on its larger sibling have been omitted in favour of a row of encoders, allowing the unit to occupy significantly less space, but there’s still plenty of hands-on control thanks to a seven-inch touchscreen and multi-function encoders. Key functions such as cue monitoring, mutes and record are still provided on dedicated buttons, and there’s a grid of six pads that can be used to trigger samples or assigned to functions such as fading and ducking.


Mackie ProFXv3+ live streaming recording analogue mixer USB audio interface

The company’s ProFXc3 range has gained three ‘plus’ model variants: the ProFX6v3+, ProFX10v3+ and the ProFX12v3+. Offering six-, 10- and 12-channel versions respectively, the latest additions combine Mackie’s tried-and-tested live analogue mixers with a 24-bit / 192kHz-capable 2x4 USB-C audio interface. Onyx preamps deliver up to 60dB of gain, and are joined by EQ, one-knob compression and a built-in GigFX+ effects engine. There’s also phantom power and 100Hz high-pass filters along with Hi-Z inputs for connecting instrument sources directly.

Bluetooth support means that wireless audio sources are catered for, and handy features including mix-minus functionality and loopback recording make the mixers a viable choice for podcasts and streaming. As for the recording side of things, a choice of modes make it possible to capture audio as a full mix, or as a clean signal taken before the mixer’s EQ and effects processing.

Mackie MobileMix compact live streaming mobile mixerMobileMix

The new MobileMix is capable of delivering up to eight channels of audio into DSLR cameras, PA systems and mobile devices — dual mix outputs even allow the device to be used with two destinations simultaneously. Microphones, instruments and Bluetooth inputs are supported, with the compact unit packing in a pair of Mackie’s preamps as well as providing onboard EQ and reverb processing.

To offer the ultimate flexibility, the MobileMix can be powered from a USB battery pack, allowing it to track and stream from just about anywhere.

ShowBox & MainStream

ShowBox is a battery-powered speaker and mixer unit aimed at live performance and busking duties. a detachable mixer unit connects via Ethernet and can be mounted on a mic stand, offering hands-on control over six mic and instrument channels, as well as EQ and a range of built-in effects designed for vocals and guitars. It packs plenty of punch thanks to an integrated 400W amp, and offers up to 12 hours of performance time on a single charge.

Finally, MainStream sees Mackie move into the video world, combining a HDMI video and USB video cameras inputs with connectivity for a microphone and other audio devices, delivering a compact and powerful all-in-one solution for applications such as game streaming.

Pricing & Availability

The DLZ Creator XS, ProFXv3+, ShowBox and MainStream will be available in January 2024, with the MobileMix planned to ship soon after. Prices are as follows:

  • DLZ Creator XS: $499.99
  • ProFX6v3+: $249.99
  • ProFX10v3+: $329.99
  • ProFX12v3+: $419.99
  • MobileMix: $229.99
  • ShowBox: $799.99
  • MainStream: $299.99

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