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OneShot drum sampler from Klevgrand

Create expressive, organic-sounding rhythms

Klevgrand OneShot virtual drum percussion sampler plug-in

Klevgrand’s virtual instrument range offers a selection of innovative drum and percussion instruments, with offerings such as Slammer, Borsta, Ting and Skaka each aiming to provide something a little different from the competition. Their latest release, OneShot, houses a huge collection of drum and percussion samples, and comes packed with an array of features designed to give any drum part an organic feel, as well as a wealth of onboard processing and routing options.

Sounds & Engine

OneShot comes loaded with a wide range of high-quality drum sets and percussion sounds that have been meticulously recorded and feature multiple velocity layers and round robins. Users are also free to import their own samples, and the plug-in will automatically organise any files that are added into playable instruments. Klevgrand also offer additional paid-for expansion packs, with in-house offerings joined by a selection of collaborative releases built with other artists. At release, the range of additional content spans from glockenspiel and kalimba sounds to classic hard rock drum kits made by Ghost drummer Ludvig Kennberg and recorded by Niels Nielsen.

The instrument is built around a newly developed sample playback engine that provides users with complete control over each part of their drum kit. OneShot revolves around Slots that are activated by Triggers. A Slot can contain single or multiple audio files — several snare samples with different velocities, for example — while Triggers are mapped to MIDI notes and contain individual envelopes along with parameters such Humanize, which is designed to introduce natural-sounding variations to parts. Slots can be activated by multiple Triggers, so it is possible to introduce further variations to a pattern by applying different settings to each Trigger.

Mixer & Effects

Every Slot also gets its own dedicated mixer channel, which takes care of EQ, level and panning duties as well as offering control over pitch and providing some built-in effects processing. Compression, distortion, delay and reverb processors are joined by a stereo widening effect, and can be inserted either directly on a channel, or used as send effects on a pair of parallel buses. Multi-output routing is also provided, allowing each individual part to be assigned to its own DAW mixer channels for further processing and mixing outside of the instrument.


OneShot is supported on PCs running Windows 7 or later, and Macs running macOS 10.10 and above. VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

OneShot is available now for $99.99, and will increase to $149.99 after 31 March 2024.

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