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Abletunes release Analog Bass for Ableton Live

Classic synthesizer sounds available as Ableton Live Racks

Abletunes Foundation Analog Bass Ableton Live Rack vintage analogue synthesizer sample pack

Abletunes specialise in creating templates and content for Ableton Live users. Their most recent release, Foundation: Analog Bass, contains over 50 Racks that have been created using samples from a variety of hardware synthesizers and come complete with ready-to-use filter and macro controls. Best of all, each of the company’s Foundation series collections are available to download for free.

Aimed at newcomers and experienced users alike, Analog Bass provides a wide range of sounds which the company say will have something to offer to producers of any musical genre. Newer users are able to take advantage of a selection of ready-to-use Racks with preconfigured macro controls that have been designed to be dropped straight into their Live set, whilst more experienced producers can craft their own sounds by layering and modulating over 2GB of carefully sampled oscillator waveforms.

Instruments used in the creation of the pack include Roland’s Juno 6, Alpha Juno, JX-3P, HS-80, and JD-800 synthesizers, as well as the Korg MonoPoly and DW-8000, DSI Tetra, Casio HT-700, and the Fender/Rhodes Chroma Polaris. Two of the included Racks are dedicated to samples of Roland Alpha Juno and Korg MonoPoly oscillators, allowing users to emulate the iconic sounds associated with those instruments, as well as manipulate them further using Ableton Live’s Sampler.

In addition to this latest release, the Foundation series also contains a range of other products. Foundation: Keys offers 25 pianos and synthesizers, whilst Foundation: Strings provides a collection of violins, violas, cellos, a concert harp, and more. French horns, trumpets, tubas, and trombones are available in Foundation: Brass, and flutes, oboes, recorders, bassoons, piccolo, and clarinets are all contained within Foundation: Woodwinds. The current range is then completed by Foundation: Saxophone, and the company are already working on another synth-focused pack in the form of Analog Leads.


Foundation: Analog Bass is available now as a free download from the Abletunes website.

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