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Klavis announce Tweakers Eurorack module

Utility module offers gain and offset controls

Klavis Tweakers Eurorack module gain offset modulation control

Klavis have announced the release of their latest Eurorack module, Tweakers. This new utility device is the first purely analogue module in the company’s range, and offers two channels of gain and offset control which they say make it the perfect companion for modules whose modulation inputs lack such features.

The module is equipped with two channels that can be used independently or paired together to function as a mixer or splitter. Each channel is equipped with an input and output, a gain pot capable of providing up to 2:1 amplification, and a bi-polar offset pot.

A three-position switch then offers inverted and normal polarity options which do not impact the signal’s offset. Normalling functions have also been implemented, allowing Input A to route its incoming signal to both channels, or Output B to be fed a signal summed from both inputs.

Key Specs

Tweakers is a 3HP module, which extends to a depth of 33mm behind the front panel. Klavis specify the module’s power requirements as follows:

  • +12V supply rail - 25mA
  • -12V supply rail - 25mA
  • +5V supply rail - 0mA

Pricing & Availability

Tweakers is available now, priced at $79€79.

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