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Klavis Grainity Eurorack module now available

Black versions of Quadigy & Tweakers also launched

Klavis Grainity Eurorack module multimode filter granular VCF modular synthesizer

Klavis have announced that their latest Eurorack filter module is now available. Grainity contains a unique granular VCF and a multimode VCF with their own independent outputs and offers a comprehensive selection of controls and CV connectivity, and is joined by versions of the company’s Quadigy and Tweakers modules sporting a new black finish.

Granity is based around a concept that Klavis say is new to the world of analogue VCFs, and enriches the sound by creating subharmonics, harmonies, unison, flanging effects and format filtering all at one time. There are two filter signal paths, one is of the new granular design whilst the second is a traditional multimode variant. familiar

The granular filter steps through different filtering and phase variations of the incoming signal according to pre-defined patterns (referred to as structures), and offers controls over parameters such as grain length and cycling point phase, along with tracking and offset tuning of the cycles. The company say that the approach is unusual in that the filter’s design means that it is often adding more to the sound than it removes from it, enhancing the upper harmonic content in a number of ways. The section maintains an analogue signal path, but employs digital processing for control.

The multimode VCF then provides six more familiar filter types: 12 and 24 dB/octave low-pass variants, a 24dB/octave high-pass, 12dB/octave band-pass and notch options, and an In mode, which passes an unaltered input signal which Klavis say can be useful to blend with the output of the granular filter.

The two filters share the module’s Frequency and Resonance controls, and in addition to their separate outputs, a Mix out that carries both, with their relative levels determined by a Mix knob. There’s also a polarity inversion which can be engaged when mixing the two signals, if required.

The module is available with either a silver or black faceplates, and the company’s Quadigy envelope generator and Tweakers gain/offset/polarity/mute modules are also now available with a black finish option.

Pricing & Availability

Grainity is available now, priced at $309£269 including VAT. The new Quadigy and Tweakers versions are also shipping now, priced at $319£249 including VAT and $79£69 including VAT, respectively.

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