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ADX Trax goes Pro

Audionamix launch more fully featured audio separator tools, adds AAX64

Press Release: Audionamix, the global leader in audio source separation, has just released the highly anticipated Pro edition of their award winning software, ADX TRAX. ADX TRAX Pro bridges the gap between basic separations and professional-grade isolations with its robust collection of ADX algorithms and spectral editing tools. Its new features give audio engineers, DJs, producers and creative artists the ability to visualize and edit frequency specific content across the full audio spectrum. ADX TRAX Pro goes beyond the automatic separation by giving users the ability to directly edit their results by time and frequency, adjust gain, attenuate or remove sounds, extract, raise or lower the level of a vocal or solo instrument in a mono or stereo mix and correct audio anomalies using effective restoration tools - all without requiring access to the multi-track sessions.

“Un-mixing audio is what Audionamix is known for and ADX TRAX clearly demonstrates that. However, TRAX only scratches the surface of our technology’s potential,” said Audionamix Product VP, Rick Silva. “Since the inaugural release of TRAX in February 2014, we have been hard at work to evolve our technology well beyond the ultimate first step in audio source separation. With valuable insights from our clients as well as current TRAX user feedback, we have been able to implement some amazing new features. TRAX Pro includes our one-of-a-kind separation technology, as well as the most powerful spectral editing tools required to achieve pro level isolations. What sets TRAX Pro apart from other spectral editors is its completely non-destructive workflow, meaning nothing is lost through editing.”

At the center of ADX TRAX Pro’s cutting-edge spectral editor is the ability to work between two files simultaneously (the separated vocal and remaining music). Any spectral edits that are made to one file are automatically reflected in the other, giving users the ability to switch back and forth between the music and vocal tracks to refine an isolation until they achieve pristine results in both files.

In addition to the release of TRAX Pro, Audionamix is also gearing up to deliver a unique AAX Native 64 plug-in for Pro Tools 11, developed in part by Blue Cat Audio. Slated for release in December 2014, the ADX Vocal Volume Control (VVC) plug-in will allow users to raise or lower the volume of the vocal part from a master recording up to 9 dB and adjust its pan positioning in the stereo field without requiring the multi-track master sessions.  The ADX VVC plug-in provides an innovative solution for challenges faced by audio professionals in the music, film and broadcast industries on a daily basis.  To learn more about Audionamix, ADX Technology, and the release of the ADX TRAX Pro and ADX VVC, visit and sign up for the Audionamix Newsletter.

ADX TRAX Pro is now available at

ADX TRAX Pro is on sale for $349 through Cyber Monday, December 1, 2014. After this date, TRAX Pro will be available at regular price for $499 or through subscription for $32.99/month.

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