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Audionamix ADX Speech Volume Control now available

Separate speech from background noise with new plug-in

Audio source separation specialists Audionamix have followed the release of ADX Trax Pro 3 by announcing a new tool specifically designed to separate and adjust the level of speech content within a fully mixed audio file. In similar fashion to the ADX VVC or Vocal Volume Control plug-in, also recently updated to version 3, the new ADX SVC (Speech Volume Control) uses proprietary extraction technology to isolate spoken word in mono or stereo files, providing independent volume level controls for both the speech and background noise elements. In audio-visual applications, ADX SVC promises to reduce troublesome background noise and boost the level of dialogue without requiring the original multi-track session or where none is available. The simple GUI provides +/-12dB sliders for the speech and background components, with a range of options to fine-tune the speech separation, including male, female and child voice profiles and the ability to set the pitch range of the voice being targeted for separation. ADX SCV will be available from October, priced at $249 to buy outright or $19.99 for a two-week rental. Owners of ADX VVC will be able to acquire a crossgrade licence for $99.

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