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Sculptor: Massive Whooshes released

Gothic Instruments develop sound design tool

Based on its name alone, you know what you’re getting into with Sculptor: Massive Whooshes. Developed by Gothic Instruments — the team behind the successful Dronar: Guitarscapes instrument — comes the second instalment in the company’s Sculptor series.  "Imagine something very big going past your face very quickly", says Gothic Instruments co-founder Dan Graham. "The software has a large amount of world-class raw material and then allows a huge amount of control and customisation so that you can make them pan across, bigger, slower, faster, softer and so on — and it stays locked to your tempo so the whoosh sounds hit the peak point exactly on the beat." Sculptor: Massive Whooshes combines thousands of raw sounds with expressive controls and is suitable for SFX and tension-building rises in various genres of music. Over 130 presets are provided and a randomisation control gives the option to create endless variations. It’s available now for £45.79$60.

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