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Dronar: Cinematic Atmospheres released

Gothic Instruments reveal new atmosphere creation tool

Gothic Instruments' Dronar series of atmosphere-creation tools for Native Instruments’ Kontakt has been enormously successful. Now, the UK brand have released the fifth module in the series entitled Cinematic Atmospheres — a collection of effects created by Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio. 

Made with media composers in mind, the sound set is geared towards mystery, horror, sci-fi and thriller genres. Dronar’s engine is designed to be simple enough that complex sounds can easily be generated, but an advanced view also opens up a world of expert control, turning it into a  “vast modular multi-timbral synth/sampler with multiple independent arpeggiators” say Gothic Instruments. 

Dronar: Cinematic Atmospheres is available to buy now with an introductory discount of 20% until October 10th.

Existing Dronar and Sculptor customers can use their 20% loyalty code to double their discount to 40%! Regular pricing is £59.95$66. Watch the trailer here:

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