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Gothic Instruments release free edition of Dronar instrument

Atmosphere creation just got more accessible with Dronar Free Edition

Gothic Instruments have released a special version of their enormously popular Dronar Kontakt software and it's completely free.

Featuring five presets from each of the four currently available modules (Hybrid, Guitarscapes, Live Strings and new Dark Synthesis), the Dronar Free Edition includes nearly all of the features and controls of the full versions (Main page plus LFO and FX, Arpeggiator and Master FX tabs) so you can experience the potential of these award winning sound design tools. The only things missing from the Free Edition are the 'Rhythm Editor' and 'Expert' page.

Dronar is a series of software for Kontakt designed for creating rich, complex atmospheres, soundscapes, pads and textures quickly and easily.

Each Dronar module is both playable and expressive whilst offering a huge amount of control to sculpt the sounds to suit your project — from the most subtle underscores to dramatic and foreboding atmospheres.

Reviewer Paul Nagle said this of the original Dronar instrument in his July 2016 review: "Whether you’re into dark drones or questing for the ultimate pad, ambience or tripped-out cinematic moodgasm, it comes highly recommended." 

Because Dronar instantly adds low, mid-range and high sounds plus sound effects, you barely need other non-Dronar sounds to quickly create a complete piece of atmospheric, expressive music.

Whilst DRONAR is currently developed for the full (paid for) version of Kontakt (v5.6.8 or higher) you can take this Free Edition for a test run in the free Kontakt Player for 15 minutes at a time.…

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