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AES 2008: Focusrite Liquid Mix HD (Video)

Dynamic convolution plug-in

Liquid Mix HD is a software version of Focusrite's Liquid Mix desktop dynamic convolution processor, designed specifically for Digidesign's Pro Tools HD. It runs of the DSP cards of an HD rig, so it takes no power from the user's host computer.

It includes the same selection of EQ and dynamics processing presets, modeled on desirable studio stalwarts, that ship with the hardware unit, comprising 40 compressors and 20 EQs, with more available on-line.

According to the designers, over 60 instances of the plug-in can be used simultaneously on an HD3 system (each instance provides one EQ and one compressor) and, using the low-latency infrastructure of the Pro Tools HD environment, Liquid Mix HD can be used for both tracking and mixing.

Prices for Liquid Mix HD are $499 in the US and $399 in the UK.

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