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AES 2013: AEA N22

Nuvo series phantom-powered ribbon microphone

The brand new N22 from AEA is the first in the company's Nuvo Series of phantom-powered ribbon microphones. Although the mic is based on traditional RCA designs, it has been designed to serve the needs of the modern recordist and musician. UK pricing is yet to be confirmed, but with a US street price of $899, the N22 should be much more accessible than AEA's established models. It also has a smaller body, making it easier to use with lightweight mic stands and in tight miking situations. 

The N22 is described as an 'uncoloured' mic, with an upper-mid-range boost and, unlike most ribbon mics, a reduced proximity effect to allow close-miking without excessive boominess.

The 2.35-inch ribbon element is well protected within the mic housing, meaning the N22 can be used in the studio and on stage for vocals without pop filters or wind screens. Also, the mic uses a phantom-powered buffer that can drive long mic lines, which is ideal in live scenarios.

AEA's first Nuvo series mic is built by hand in Pasadena, California, and ships with a storage case, custom protective mic sleeve and shockmounted mic clip. It is set to ship on October 21st.

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