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AES 2013: Eventide Mixing Link

Mic Preamp with effects loop and phantom power

Eventide have announced a brand-new mic preamp with an effects loop and phantom power for use on stage and in the studio. The stompbox-sized device is amusingly called the Mixing Link and could be just what you're looking for if you like to augment your voice on the fly.

The original idea of the Mixing Link was to allow singers to use Eventide effects on their voices, but the box has a wide range of features including the ability to plug in a 1/8-inch cable from an MP3 player for backing tracks. It also allows you to split the input signal for simultaneous cab miking and DI'ing.

The footswitch can be set to latch or momentary modes, and also has a headphone monitor output for with separate master volume control. Power can be provided with a universal 9VDC power supply or with a single 9V battery.

The Mixing Link is set to ship in December and have a street price of $299.

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