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Akai MPCs to gain stem separation

Split samples into four separate signals

Akai Pro MPC stem separation split samples isolate vocals drums bass

Akai Pro have announced an upcoming software update that will bring built-in stem separation tools to their range of MPC sampling workstations, enhancing the classic sampling experience and offering producers and beat makers with an extensive range of creative possibilities.

The feature will make it possible to divide samples into four separate signals: Vocals, Bass, Drums and Other. It will be accessible using a new option in the software’s Process menu, which will allow users to select which of the signals they wish to extract from the source material. Once the sample has been processed, the levels of each extracted element can be adjusted from the Edit section, as well as being available as separate samples that can be chopped and processed in real time with MPC’s selection of onboard editing tools.

At launch, the new functionality will be available within the MPC software, before being added to standalone MPC devices at a later date.


The MPC range is set to gain the new feature in March 2024, take a look at the Akai Pro website to find out more and sign up to be notified of the update’s release.

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