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Akai Pro update Flex Beat

DAW and MPC versions available

Akai Pro Flex Beat sample loop one shot hold playback beatmaking plug-in

Akai Pro have announced an update to Flex Beat, their acclaimed beat manipulation and sound design plug-in. Available both as a DAW plug-in and for the company’s MPC device platform, the updated version aims to provide a fast, inspirational and practical solution for enhancing beat-based music production.

Flex Beat features 16 performance pads that can be equipped with a variety of pattern presets, and offer Loop, One Shot and Hold playback modes. There is an expansive library of presets included, and there is also support for importing and exporting .fnv files, providing compatibility with Image Line’s Gross Beat plug-in. The pads can also be controlled via MIDI, making it possible to integrate the plug-in with hardware controllers for live performance or trigger sounds using other software.

A built-in editor offers comprehensive, DAW-style control over Flex Beat’s patterns, boasting functions such as snap-to-grid, adjustable curve types and envelope tools that enable precise sound shaping capabilities. Due to its compatibility with MPC devices, the plug-in’s interface has been optimised for use on touchscreen displays, and Q-LINK control mapping puts all of the key controls within easy reach in an effort to speed up the editing process.

Although Flex Beat has been designed with beatmakers in mind, its sound design and effects creation functionalities also promise to make it a valuable asset for audio professionals working in film, TV and game sound.


Flex Beat is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or above, and Macs running macOS 12 and higher. It is available in VST, VST3 and AU plug-in formats. It is also compatible with Akai Pro’s MPC standalone and desktop systems running version 2.12.2 or later.

Pricing & Availability

Flex Beat is available now, and is currently being offered for a promotional price of $39.99 (reduced from $79.99) until 30 November 2023. There is also a 10-day trial version available.

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