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Akai Pro Flex Beat sample loop one shot hold playback beatmaking plug-in

Akai Pro update Flex Beat

The latest version of Flex Beat aims to provide a fast, inspirational and practical solution for enhancing beat-based music production.

Akai APC64 Ableton Live MIDI controller sequencer drum pad CV gate modular synth control

Akai Pro introduce APC64 Ableton controller

As well as offering deep integration with Ableton Live, Akai Pro's new APC64 can be used to control hardware instruments thanks to a built-in sequencer and CV/gate connectivity. 

Akai MPC X Special Edition production sampler workstation drum machine

Akai Pro unveil MPC X Special Edition

Akai are celebrating 35 years of their MPC platform with the release of a new version of their flagship instrument that boasts a retro look along with increased processing power and storage. 

Akai Flex Beat rhythmic chopped beat dj scratch pitch-shift reverse effects plug-in

Akai Pro release Flex Beat plug-in

Described as the ultimate rhythmic tool, Akai Pro's new plug-in provides a simple way to chop beats, create DJ-style scratches, and trigger a range of tempo-synced pitch-shifting effects.

Akai MPK Mini Plus MIDI controller keyboard MPC drum pads

Akai release MPK Mini Plus

Akai's new MPK Mini Plus is a compact 37-key MIDI controller equipped with MPC Pads, an assignable X/Y joystick and knobs, and a dedicated transport section.

Akai Professional instrument history book kickstarter campaign

The Rise of Akai Professional

David Caulfield has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a book detailing the development of the Akai Professional products that put sampling and sequencing into the reach of musicians. 


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