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Akai release MPK Mini Plus

Built-in sequencer and arpeggiator

Akai MPK Mini Plus MIDI controller keyboard MPC drum pads

Akai have announced the release of the MPK Mini Plus, a 37-key MIDI controller keyboard that features a built-in sequencer, eight RGB-backlit MPC Pads, eight assignable endless rotary knobs, an assignable X/Y joystick, and a dedicated transport section.

The MPK Mini Plus features Akai’s Gen 2 velocity-sensitive keybed, and is also equipped with pitch and modulation wheels. The design remains compact and portable, despite offering an additional octave and extra hardware controls when compared to the MPK Mini.

Akai MPK Mini Plus MIDI controller keyboard MPC drum padsEight velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads allow users to play and program dynamic drum parts, and can also be configured to transmit MIDI Program Changes and trigger CC parameters. Eight assignable rotary knobs offer hardware control over DAW and software instrument parameters, as well as a tactile way to write automation data into projects, whilst further control is provided by an X/Y joystick which can be assigned to up to four parameters. Play, Stop, Record, and Locator buttons are also present on a dedicated transport section.

The device also boasts a polyphonic two-track sequencer featuring eight notes of polyphony per key step, and 16 notes per drum step. Step and Live modes allow users to capture both melodic and drum patterns, and further creative possibilities are provided courtesy of an on-board arpeggiator. MPK Mini Plus also features intuitive Chord and Scale Modes which aim to simplify and enhance performances, Chord Mode enables users to play multiple notes and inversions with a single key, whilst Scales Mode enables the keybed to play notes only in a user-selected scale.

Akai MPK Mini Plus MIDI controller keyboard rear panel

In terms of connectivity, the MPK Mini Plus offers both Class-Compliant USB-MIDI and both a MIDI input and output on a pair five-pin DIN connectors. Three CV/Gate outputs along with CV Clock inputs and outputs are also provided, allowing the controller to be used to trigger and control Eurorack and other modular systems.

“The MPK Mini Plus is an exciting addition to the MPK Mini line, and the advanced features on this new keyboard controller are like nothing else on the market. A built-in sequencer, CV and Gate connectors, Sync inputs and outputs, and eight RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads are just a few of the advanced features enhancing the workflow and creativity for modern music makers. From the beginner to the expert, the MPK Mini Plus will be a welcome addition to anyone’s studio.” - Dan Gill, Senior Akai Professional Product Manager

The controller comes supplied with Akai’s MPC Beats, a DAW software package based on the company’s legendary MPC hardware, and loaded with a selection of software instruments, samples, and plug-ins aimed at creating modern, professional music.

The MPK Mini Plus measures 451 x 180  x 520 mm, and weighs 1.26kg. 

Pricing & Availability

The MPK Mini Plus is available now, priced at $169.

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