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Akai Pro introduce APC64 Ableton controller

Packed with hands-on performance controls

Akai APC64 Ableton Live MIDI controller sequencer drum pad CV gate modular synth control

The latest addition to Akai Pro’s range of Ableton Live controllers packs in 64 velocity-sensitive pads, eight assignable Touch Strips and boasts an onboard eight-track 32-step sequencer. What’s more, the APC64 can also operate as a standalone sequencer and controller thanks to the inclusion of MIDI and CV/gate connectivity.

The company say they have spent years developing the new unit, taking onboard user feedback and aiming to deliver the most responsive hands-on controller possible. The pads in the 8x8 matrix boast polyphonic aftertouch, and will respond to everything from a subtle tap to rapid strikes, allowing them to cater for all styles of playing and performance.

Akai APC64 Ableton Live MIDI controller sequencer drum pad CV gate modular synth controlThe APC64 features a wealth of hands on control, with an 8x8 pad matrix joined by eight Touch Strips and an array of function buttons.

Multiple banks make it possible to take control of even the largest sessions, whilst RGB backlighting helps to ensure that clip and scene launching assignments are clearly displayed. Deep integration with Drum Rack is provided, with dedicated Drum and Note modes allowing users to quickly switch between melodic and percussive entry modes.

The APC64’s eight Touch Strips offer yet more hands-on parameter control, and can easily be assigned to performance parameters such as pitch or vibrato, or switched into Mix mode, where they can be used to adjust volume or insert effect send levels in the Ableton Mixer. RGB LED indicators offer visual feedback of their status in order to keep the focus away from the computer, and key track information is also available directly on the device thanks to an LCD screen.

The unit is also the first in the APC range to feature its own internal sequencer, which offers eight tracks of 32-step sequencing. In addition to being able to control software instruments via USB — a copy of Ableton Live Lite 11 is included — the APC64 features a pair of MIDI outputs that allow it to be used with a huge range of synths, drum machines, samplers and other instruments. Modular synth rigs haven’t been left out, either: the rear panel also hosts eight CV/gate connectors.

Pricing & Availability

The APC64 is available now, priced at $399£329 including VAT.

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