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Neyrinck release V-Control 2.9

Extends D-Command control surface support

Neyrinck V-Control Pro 2.9 D-Command pro tool studio logic cubase nuendo luna compatible

Neyrinck have released the latest version of V-Control Pro, which enables D-Command control surfaces to be used with Pro Tools Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One, LUNA, and more, having previously been exclusively available to Pro Tools Ultimate users. Both the original Digidesign units and the later Avid D-Command ES surfaces are supported in their eight and 24-fader configurations.

Following extensive research and development, Neyrinck say they have been able to integrate the control surface’s protocols with their popular V-Control Pro product, allowing support for modern DAWs and other media applications. V-Control Pro also provides a MIDI Mode which allows the D-Command to control any MIDI application that supports custom mapping.

“This update has D-Command owners jumping for joy because their beautiful surfaces can connect to Pro Tools Studio and many other applications now.  These are wonderful surfaces to use when mixing and recording. D-Command’s touch sensitive encoders and dedicated EQ and dynamics sections are incredible. It is exciting to see D-Command is now usable in ways previously impossible.” - Paul Neyrinck, Neyrinck founder

More information on the update and the V-Control Pro application can be found on the Neyrinck website.

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