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The amazing story of BOP studios

It cost nearly $100 million to build, houses the largest Focusrite console ever, and it's not in use...

The most lavish recording facility ever built is not in London, New York or LA, but a remote part of South Africa. 

We trace the extraordinary story of BOP studios and take a tour of the now unused studio facility, which is estimated to have cost anywhere up to 91 million US dollars to build. 

Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns guides you through the luxurious three-studio complex which was rated as one of the top three recording studios in the world when it was built in 1991. 

BOP studios boasts the largest mixing consoles available at the time from SSL, Neve and Focusrite. We catch up with the studio's current owner Saj Chudry and Focusrite founder Phil Dudderidge to find out more about the studios and the Focusrite console, which is one of only 10 ever made.

For the full story of Bophuthatswana Studios, pick up the October 2013 edition of Sound On Sound, available online, on your tablet and in newsagents.

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