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Antares introduce Vocal Reverb

Three reverbs, two delays & 10 pre/post effects

Antares Vocal Reverb AI-powered Reverb Assist Auto-EQ

The latest plug-in to join Antares’ range of vocal processors comes loaded with a range of reverbs and delays, as well as a selection of pre- and post-reverb effects. Vocal Reverb also boasts an AI-powered Reverb Assist function that aims to help users dial in their perfect settings.

The plug-in is equipped with Hall, Plate and Room modes, offering a versatile range of reverbs that can be crafted to suit any material, along with Mono and Stereo Ping Pong delay modes. In addition to its core effects, users are also able to customise their sound using five pre-reverb processors (Pitch, Throat, Tube, De-Esser and Reverse), as well as five post-reverb effects (Tone Shaper, Compressor, Gate, Auto-EQ, Width).

By default, Vocal Reverb displayed a reduced set of controls that offer control over key parameters such as pre-delay, size, damping, as well as modulation width and depth. A dedicated delay section comes loaded with its own Time, Mix, Feedback and Lowpass controls, whilst the right-hand side of the GUI section houses Mix and Width controls and a knob that defines the amount of Auto-EQ applied. An Advanced view then offers access to the pre- and post-reverb effects, opening up a range of additional creative options for those wishing to customise their reverb effect.

The AI-based Reverb Assist function allows users to select the style of reverb they want to apply, and will respond by delivering a set of recommended settings which can be previewed and applied from its window. Some more assistance is provided by the Auto-EQ function, which employs the company’s proprietary Auto-Tune pitch tracking technology to monitor the vocal pitch and dynamically attenuate conflicting frequencies in the reverb decay to help retain clarity in the mix.


Vocal Reverb is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 11 and above. VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

Vocal Reverb is available now, priced at $129, and includes a free one-year subscription to Auto-Tune Producer. It is also available in the company’s Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription bundle, which is priced at $24.99 / month, or $174.99 / year.

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