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Antelope release Edge Note Modelling Microphone

Emulations of 13 classic studio microphones

Antelope Audio Edge Note Modelling Microphone

Best known for their high-end audio interfaces and master clocking technologies, Antelope Audio release the Edge Note as the newest member of their Edge microphone family. This impressive condenser microphone offers emulated modelling of 13 classic studio microphones, making it suitable for use with a wide range of instruments and applications.

The Edge Note is a small diaphragm condenser using a back-electret capsule, along with onboard switches for either 0, -10 and -20dB pad attenuation and a high-pass filter that can be set at 75 or 115Hz. The microphone features a maximum SPL handling of 146dB, making it great for recording the loudest sources. A 20 – 20,000Hz flat frequency response and a signal-to-noise ratio of 69dB round off the key specifications. All sounds fairly conventional, until Antelope Audio’s microphone emulations come into play.

This is more than a small diaphragm condenser mic: it’s 13 digital recreations of classic vintage microphones. Whilst Antelope don’t divulge explicitlyAntelope Audio Edge Note Microphone Emulations which microphones they have modelled, there are enough clues from the names and images to get an idea. A diverse, hand-selected collection of microphones with model names including ‘Berlin K54’, ‘Hamburg 441’, and ‘Illinois 57’, each accurately reproducing the frequency response and colour of the originals.

The emulations can be used in real-time with any Antelope interface via Synergy Core processing. It can also be paired with native plug-ins in any macOS or Windows DAW, and the emulations can also be applied to dry tracks. Note that an iLok 2 or 3 dongle is required to use the emulations as native plug-ins.

The Edge Note will be available worldwide from 1 August 2022 as a single unit or bundled as a stereo pair from €124.

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