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Argosy introduce new IsoBox Pro range

New racks isolate noisy studio equipment

Argosy IsoBox Pro studio computer equipment ventilated noise isolation rack box

Studio furniture experts Argosy have announced the return of their IsoBox range, a collection of sound isolation cabinets designed to house noisy studio equipment such as computers, hard drives and outboard gear with loud cooling fans.

Available in 12U, 18U and 24U sizes, the new IsoBox Pro cabinets boast a solid construction that provides a significant amount of isolation, and come loaded with a new quad fan system that ensures there’s plenty of airflow to keep equipment from overheating. Air is drawn in from the room and expelled from the rack through a series of noise dampening baffles, and a digital readout at the top of the cabinet displays the internal temperature, warning users both audibly and visually of excessive heat issues.

Each of the hand-crafted units come finished in black and can be specified with cherry, walnut, natural oak or black satin oak hardwood trims. They are fitted with front and rear rack rails as standard, and users are also able to specify left- or right-opening door hinges.

Pricing & Availability

The IsoBox Pro range is available now, with pricing as follows:

  • IsoBox PRO12: From $3499.99
  • IsoBox PRO18: From $3999.99
  • IsoBox PRO24: From $4499.99

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