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Polyend unveil Play+ groovebox

Now features built-in synth engines

Polyend Play+ sequencer synth groovebox

Polyend’s latest release offers an updated and improved version of their popular 16-track sample- and synth-based groovebox. Play+ retains the same external design as its predecessor, but with an upgraded processor that enables stereo sample playback, multitimbral polyphonic synthesis and more.

New Synth Engines

As well as offering sample and MIDI playback, the Play+ now includes four built-in synthesizer engines. ACD and FAT offer a pair of options that recreate the iconic sounds of early analogue synthesizers — ACD focuses specifically on single-oscillator mono synths — whilst VAP, or Virtual Analog Polysynth, comes equipped with a dual-oscillator architecture and a versatile modulation matrix. Finally, WTFM is a unique two-operator FM instrument that utilises wavetable-based oscillators.

As well as the four engines available at launch, Polyend say that the Play+ will also be gaining additional models though future updates.

Sampling & USB Audio

The instrument has also gained the ability to play back stereo samples, and includes all-new stereo sample packs that add to the existing factory library, along with integrated USB audio functionality. Up to 14 stereo tracks can now be routed to and from a computer via USB, allowing users to send individual tracks to a DAW or process audio from the Play+ with external effects.

Although the device is kitted out with new features and functionality, Polyend say that it retains the spirit of the original device, maintaining a balance between advanced sequencing possibilities and intuitive control. Parameters can be sequenced on a per-step basis, and MIDI tracks, samples and the new synth engines can all be accessed simultaneously. The wide choice of effects, play modes and randomisation options remain, and a new piano roll function has been introduced to offer a simple way to create melodies.

SOS Review

We reviewed the original Play in SOS March 2023, click here to check out the article.

Pricing & Availability

The Play+ is available to order now, priced at $799. The company will also be offering existing Play users the chance to upgrade their instrument for $399.

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