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SUPERBOOTH24: Polyend Press

Press sees Polyend head in a new direction, offering an analogue stereo compressor with some versatile side-chain filtering options in a compact pedal enclosure.


SUPERBOOTH24: Polyend Tracker+

With the launch of the Tracker+, Polyend‘s popular hardware sampler has gained eight additional tracks and a collection of new built-in drum and synth engines.

Polyend Tracker Plus hardware sampler sequencer synthesizer drum machine

Polyend introduce Tracker+

The latest Tracker boasts a wealth of new features including stereo sampling and playback capabilities, USB audio, eight additional MIDI and sequencer tracks, a collection of new onboard instruments and more.

Polyend Play+ sequencer synth groovebox

Polyend unveil Play+ groovebox

Play+ retains the same external design as its predecessor, but with an upgraded processor that enables stereo sample playback, multitimbral polyphonic synthesis and more.

Polyend Tracker Pete Cannon Artist Edition

Polyend team up with Pete Cannon

The new Artist Edition Tracker ships with a huge collection of Pete Cannon's own jungle samples, plus four complete productions and a limited-edition vinyl EP.


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