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Setmixer: Live multitrack recording service

Four albums released to showcase artists & venues

Setmixer free live multitrack recording streaming venue artist

Setmixer have announced the release of four albums that feature performances captured at iconic London venues by their innovative automated recording and mixing system. Showcasing performances from Paper Dress Vintage, Sound Lounge, The Amersham Arms and Jamboree, the company say that the releases represent their ground-breaking collaboration with artists and venues.

Setmixer was founded with the aim of revolutionising the recording and distribution of live music. They have developed a cutting-edge recording system that integrates effortlessly with a venue’s existing console, and autonomously captures multi-channel recordings whilst a performance takes place. Recordings are carried out in the highest quality that the console can provide, with the service supporting 16-, 24- or 32-bit files at sample rates up to 96kHz.

The system is also capable of automatically creating a mix which can be previewed by artists and then shared on social media and streaming platforms. Setmixer can also provide the source multitracks for those wishing to create their own mix.

Recording venues receive 9% of the total streaming profits for music released through the platform, as well as 30% of any multitrack sales profits. What’s more, Setmixer provide their recording equipment to participating venues at no charge.

"At Setmixer, we believe that music should be accessible, for both the artists and the fans. With this initiative, we are not just recording music; we are recording history. We are revolutionising live music recording and distribution, ensuring that the magic of live performances reaches audiences worldwide." - Pascal De Mul, Setmixer CEO

The four albums are available now on Spotify, click here to take a listen.

To find out more about Setmixer, and how to utilise the platform either as an artist or venue, take a look at the link below.

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