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New line of Spire speaker stands aim to tighten your bottom end

Argosy Spire i-Series speaker standsArgosy Spire speaker standsStudio furniture manufacturers, Argosy Console, have announced a new line of speaker stands which claim to improve stereo imaging and tighten the low end of your speakers. While any stand should, in theory, provide better acoustic isolation than having your speakers on your desk, Argosy have gone one step further by incorporating a technology patented by IsoAcoustics (whose desk-mounted speaker stands were reviewed in October). They claim the technology only allows motion in the same direction as the movement of the speaker cones and resists movement in any other. If this is the case, they could be rather a promising prospect for anyone in the market for a pair of free-standing studio speaker stands.

There are two models available - the Spire 360i (36") and the 420i (42") which retail for $379 and $399 respectively.

For exact dimensions and further information visit Argosy’s Spire page:

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