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Arturia AudioFuse 16Rig interface targets electronic musicians

Interface can operate as standalone computer-less mixer

Arturia AudioFuse 16Rig 32 input 28 output audio interface

The latest addition to Arturia’s range of audio interfaces boasts a total of 32 inputs and 28 outputs, allowing those with hardware-focused setups to keep all of their devices connected and ready to go. The AudioFuse 16Rig comes equipped with a wide range of connectivity options, and can also operate as a standalone mixer when working without a computer.


The front panel hosts a pair of XLR/TRS combo sockets, allowing users to connect microphone, line-level and instrument sources quickly and easily, along with a 3.5mm mini-jack socket that provides convenient access to inputs 3–4 for use with mobile devices. There are also a pair of outputs placed within easy reach, too, thanks to a quarter-inch TRS sockets which carry the signal from analogue outs 3–4. Both quarter-inch and 3.5mm sockets are present for connecting headphones, and are joined by a dedicated volume control.

A densely-packed rear panel features 16 analogue line-level inputs and 10 line-level outputs (including a dedicated monitor pair) on quarter-inch TRS connectors. To extend the interface’s versatility, the outputs are all DC coupled, and so can be patched into CV inputs to control parameters on gear such as modular synths. An additional 16 inputs and outputs can be added via ADAT thanks to four Toslink connectors, and a pair of BNC connectors a word clock input and output.

Arturia AudioFuse 16Rig rear panel I/O connectionsThe rear panel of the AudioFuse 16Rig leaves little room to spare, cramming in a wealth of digital and analogue connectivity options. Unusually at this price, the interface can accommodate 16 line inputs making it ideal for electronic musicians who wish to permanently connect synths and outboard gear.

Five-pin DIN sockets take care of the interface’s MIDI connectivity, with a single In connector joined by a pair of Out/Thru sockets. Connection to a computer is handled by a USB-C socket, and the interface features a total of three USB-A connectors — two serve as hub connections to hook up additional USB devices, and the other offers USB MIDI for connecting a MIDI controller directly to the interface.

Control & Standlone Operation

AudioFuse 16Rig’s features can be controlled either directly from the unit itself using its built-in display and selection of buttons and rotary encoder, or from a computer via Arturia’s AudioFuse Control Centre software application. Connections can be configured to suit different needs, such as pairing inputs and outputs to work as effects sends and returns, setting up additional output to facilitate quick A/B monitor switching and more.

On top of its functionality as an audio interface, the AudioFuse 16Rig boasts a pair of internal low-latency mixers that allow it to process and route audio and MIDI signals without a computer connected, and can save and recall different configurations to quickly switch between different setups.


As with the other devices in the AudioFuse range, the new interface comes supplied with a collection of Arturia’s software including Analog Lab Intro and a number of their renowned analogue processing and effects emulation plug-ins.

Pricing & Availability

The AudioFuse 16Rig is available to order now, priced at €1299.

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