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Audient ORIA: Immersive interface & monitor controller

Boasts Sonarworks & Dolby Atmos Renderer integration

Audient ORIA immersive audio USB interface monitor controller Dolby Atmos

Audient’s latest offering combines a 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface with a comprehensive monitor controller, and has been designed specifically for immersive audio applications. ORIA comes loaded with enough I/O to accommodate speaker setups from stereo up to 9.1.6 with built-in room and speaker calibration, and in addition to its interface functionality, is also capable of functioning as a standalone monitor controller.

Occupying just 1U of rack space, ORIA is equipped with 16 outputs via either TRS (analogue line-level) or DB25 (digital AES), along with a pair of dedicated stereo outputs, two independent headphone outputs and Word Clock connectivity. A pair of Audient’s renowned console preamps are joined by two ADAT inputs that can be used to provide an additional 16 inputs to a DAW when using the device as an interface, or as inputs for each speaker channel when putting ORIA to work as a standalone monitor controller. There’s also an optional expansion card that will add 16 input channels via Dante. Thanks to the pair of stereo outputs, it is possible for users to run their favourite pairs of monitors alongside their immersive setup, if required.

Audient ORIA front rear panel analogue TRS AES Dante Word ClockDespite only occupying a single rack space, ORIA manages to pack in 16 channels of analogue and digital (AES) outputs, as well as offering an optional Dante expansion card.

“We have ensured that ORIA delivers the audio performance you have come to expect from Audient. The high performance converters have 126dB of dynamic range and the tried-and-tested Audient console mic preamps continue to deliver 58dB of gain and work as mic, line or Hi-Z instrument inputs. For the first time ever, the Audient console mic preamp is remote controlled — optimised to give you the sonic benefits of its all-analogue design alongside pinpoint accurate digital control.” - Andrew Allen,  Product & Marketing Director, Audient

DSP & Sonarworks Integration

The SoundID Reference mic comes with every ORIA interface.The SoundID Reference mic comes with every ORIA interface.ORIA’s onboard DSP offers a comprehensive selection of room and speaker calibration facilities including per-channel eight-band EQ, delay and trim options, as well as onboard bass management. The functionality then extends further thanks to a partnership with Sonarworks, which allows SoundID Reference files to be loaded onto, and run from, the unit itself.

Each unit will ship with a measurement microphone and a 60-day trial for SoundID Reference for Multichannel, with an intuitive setup process allowing users to calibrate their own room in less than an hour. Up to 32 calibration profiles can be saved, ensuring that the system remains correctly calibrated when switching between different monitoring formats.

Once the trial expires, users can purchase a SoundID Reference for Multichannel license from Sonarworks if they wish to continue using the additional features. Because all of the calibration functions run on ORIA’s DSP rather than the host computer, the system is capable of maintaining low latency performance with no CPU load.

"Creators know: inaccurate speakers distort their creative vision. Calibrating studio speakers is crucial, but it’s often a technical hurdle. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Audient on the SoundID Reference integration into ORIA interfaces through which we are taking the ease and simplicity of your studio speaker calibration to the next level." - Martins Popelis, co-founder & CPO, Sonarworks

Remote Control & Dolby Integration

For situations where the unit is tucked away in a rack out of arm’s reach, Audient have developed an iPad App that gathers together all of ORIA’s monitor control and calibration facilities. This allows tasks such as switching between speakers, recalling listening levels and muting/soloing different speaker groups to be carried out directly from the listening position, along with typical functions such as overall level, dim and cut. Those working to picture also benefit from a Global Lip Sync delay setting for aligning the audio output with their video display.

Audient ORIA immersive audio USB interface monitor controller Dolby AtmosIn-depth control over ORIA's DSP and monitoring functions is available via a software application, and there's also an iPad App planned for release soon after the interface's launch.

Coming soon after the initial release, the system will also be able to communicate directly with the (standalone) Dolby Atmos Renderer application, allowing users to switch between different downmix options to audition their mixes in other channel layouts without the need to switch to the Dolby application.

Check out the full premiere on Audient's YouTube channel.

Pricing & Availability

ORIA will be shipping in the first quarter of 2024, priced at $2625£2520 including VAT / €2885. The optional Dante card will cost $625£600 including VAT / €685.

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