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Audient online modular console builder ASP8024 Heritage Edition configuration

Audient launch online Console Builder

Audient have launched an online virtual Console Builder, allowing users to configure and visualise an ASP8024-HE console to their own custom specification.

Audient iD24 audio interface console preamps monitor control speaker switching ADAT expandability

Audient release iD24

Audient's latest interface pairs two of their renowned preamps with useful features such as balanced inserts, ADAT expandability, and built-in monitor control. 

Audient EVO SP8 Smartgain preamp line-level output A-D D-A converter interface ADAT expander

Audient unveil EVO SP8

SP8 expands Audient's EVO range with eight Smartgain preamps, eight line-level outputs, and built-in A-D and D-A conversion. 

Audient ID44 MKII audio interface

Audient announce iD44 MkII

Audient's ID44 interface gets a converter upgrade alongside a list of new features including audio loop-back and a dual headphone output.


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