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Audient release iD24

Compact interface with professional feature set

Audient iD24 audio interface console preamps monitor control speaker switching ADAT expandability

Audient have announced the release of the iD24, a new 10-in / 14-out audio interface that sits between the iD14 and the more recent iD44 [reviewed SOS March 2023 issue] in terms of functionality and I/O. Packed with features such as balanced inserts, ADAT expandability, and built-in monitor control, this latest offering aims to cater to the needs of professional users whilst retaining the ease of use associated with the iD range.

Two on-board microphone preamps with switchable phantom power, -10dB pad, and a high-pass filter functions are present, and as with the rest of the iD interfaces, are of the same discrete circuit design as those found in the company’s flagship ASP8024-HE console (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions). This focus on quality also extends to the interface’s converters, which utilise an internal 32-bit architecture and offer some impressive specifications, with the device’s D-A stage achieving a dynamic range figure of 126dB.

The two analogue inputs are provided on XLR/TRS combo sockets, and as well as providing connectivity for microphones, will also happily accept line-level signals. Instruments have not been left out either, with a quarter-inch jack socket on the front of the device offering a discrete JFET-based input. Four line-level outputs are also provided on quarter-inch TRS connectors. A pair of Toslink connectors then provide both ADAT input and outputs, allowing users to expand the interface with an additional eight channels of I/O, and a Word Clock output is also available on a BNC connector.

An additional four quarter-inch TRS connectors provide balanced insert points for each of the interface’s analogue inputs, allowing users to integrate outboard effects and processors into their signal chains during recording. The Return connectors also offer the most direct route to the A-D converters, meaning that they can be used to bypass the on-board preamps in favour of using an external unit if desired.

Audient iD24 audio interface rear panel connections inputs outputs ADAT expandabilityDespite its compact form factor, the iD24 provides a comprehensive selection of I/O.

Some monitor control functionality is built into the interface, with a large volume control joined by dedicated Dim and Cut buttons, and a set of three programmable buttons capable of being configured as additional functions such as speaker selection, talkback, polarity inversion, and mono sum. Cue mixing facilities are provided by a low-latency software mixer, which also offers a loop-back function, and a headphone output (with dual connectors) is provided on the front panel.

The iD24 operates at 24-bit and supports sample rates up to 96kHz. It connects to a host computer via a USB-C port, and is bus-powered.

Pricing & Availability

The iD24 is available now, priced at $399£299 including VAT / €349.

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