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Cloudlifter X announced

Cloud Microphones expand in-line preamplifer range

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter X in-line microphone preamplifier gain boost ribbon dynamic

Cloud Microphones have revealed the latest addition to their range of in-line microphone preamplifiers, the Cloudlifter X. Equipped with a custom Cinemag transformer, the new device features two selectable output levels that extend the output gain range provided by the CL-1.

A two-position switch inspired by the More/Max selector found on the Cloudlifter Z provides two operating levels. The default mode is said to be ideal for hotter signals, providing up to 12dB of gain, whilst a Max setting intended for use with quieter sources offers up to a maximum 36dB gain boost. The unit utilises phantom power to provide its gain boost, and will not pass it on to the connected microphone, meaning it is able to be safely used with more delicate microphones such as older passive ribbons.

The company say that the transformer used in the design is capable of delivering an incredible amount of bandwidth at normal input levels, but is also able to provide a variable amount of harmonic saturation as the level of the input signal is increased. This allows the device to add some “extremely musical flavours” that change dynamically based on the input level.

Pricing & Availability

The Cloudlifter X is available now, priced at $269€355.81.

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