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Cloud Microphones 44A announced at Musikmesse

New active ribbon mic based on RCA design revealed

Cloud Microphones 44ACloud Microphones 44AOur venerable Editor-in-Chief Paul White reviewed the hand-built Cloud Microphones JRS 34 and 34P back in December 2011 and said they had a "well-balanced sound that manages to be smooth without being dull."

Now Cloud Microphones are back with an active ribbon microphone which is made to emulate the early RCA 44 microphone designs. The Cloud Microphones 44A is suited to vocalists and voice-over artists, and to that end sports a High Pass Filter which the company's founder, Rodger Cloud, describes as "gentle proximity reduction" rather than a true filter.

Rodger is also keen to promote the use of the 44A in classical recordings, and as drum overheads – even in a live setting, with several high-profile users already making use of them in these ways.

The 44A is expected to have a MAP $1899 and become available in May. For more information from Cloud Microphones, read on.

Press Release: Built using modern technology and manufacturing processes, the new Cloud 44-A microphone reawakens the spirit of the classic RCA Type 44 ribbon mic for today’s applications.

Internally within the Cloud 44-A, the ribbon itself remains unchanged, handcrafted to specifications first prescribed in the 1930s by RCA’s Harry F. Olson. Everything else has been engineered anew, however, using 21st century improvements transcending the capabilities of Olson’s time. Utilizing Cloud’s award-winning Cloudlifter circuitry with its unique features and ultra-clean characteristics, the 44-A is an active ribbon mic with personality from the past plus all the strength and clarity required for today’s most demanding tasks.

When engaging the device’s onboard high-pass filter, the 44-A provides voice actors and vocalists with the benefits gained from reduced proximity effect. With the filter switched off to its “music” position, the microphone captures the most challenging sources in fine detail, and with unusually high sensitivity.

Combining the best attributes of both the vintage and modern worlds, the Cloud 44-A joins Cloud’s complete line of boutique ribbon microphones at this year’s Musikmesse. This latest addition to the Cloud family will begin shipping in May of this year.

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