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Voice Enhancement Assistant (VEA) plug-in by iZotope

Tackles noise & improves vocal clarity

iZotope VEA Vocal Enhancement Assistant AI vocal dialogue EQ compression background noise reduction removal plug-in

iZotope and Native Instruments have announced the launch of VEA (Voice Enhancement Assistant), an AI-assisted vocal enhancement plug-in aimed at podcasters and content creators of all skill levels. It shares the audio enhancement technology used in iZotope’s renowned RX, Ozone and Nectar packages, offering a simple and intuitive way to tackle background noise, increase vocal clarity and ensure that overall signal levels remain consistent.

The plug-in analyses an incoming signal and offers a set of tailored processing options, providing users with just three simple controls that determine how much of that processing is applied. The first, Clean, acts as a noise-reduction section, reducing unwanted background noise whilst leaving the voice signal intact. Shape then applies a custom EQ curve to help improve vocal clarity, and is accompanied by a selection of presets that offer different sound characters, as well as an AudioLens feature which makes it possible to match the tonality of a reference file. Finally, Boost takes care of dynamics processing, adding some ‘weight’ to the signal and delivering a consistent output level.


VEA is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS Monterey (12.7.1), Ventura (13.6.2) and Sonoma (14.1.2). VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

VEA is available now, priced at $29£29 including VAT.

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