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Korg to launch KingKORG NEO + Opsix, Wavestate & Modwave Modules

Range of new instruments announced for 2024

Korg KingKORG NEO compact virtual analogue synthesizer

Korg have announced a selection of synth releases for 2024, including the KingKORG NEO, a compact instrument inspired by the now discontinued KingKORG. There’s also a trio of new modules that offer desktop/rackmount versions of the Opsix, Wavestate and Modwave, as well as the latest version of their FM-based instrument, the Opsix mk II.


The return of the KingKORG comes in the form of a compact instrument with 37 full-size keys, sporting an updated look and loaded with new sounds. It’s built around Korg’s XMT (eXpanded Modelling Technology) virtual analogue engine, and is equipped with three oscillators that deliver a versatile selection of waveshapes ranging from classic sawtooth, square and analogue-inspired noise patterns to PCM and DWGS (Digital Waveform Generator System) options.

An equally generous collection of filter types are present, with models of iconic 1970s analogue monosynth designs joined by recreations of later polysynth filters, as well a selection of options derives from Korg’s popular MS-20 — as with the original circuits they model, the filters can be driven into self-oscillation with high resonance values.

A powerful vocoder section employs a 16-band filter and promises to deliver both vintage and modern sounds, with a huge range of tonal possibilities thanks to per-band level and pan controls. Along with the XLR input — a high-quality microphone is supplied with the instrument — Timbre B can be put to work as a modulator, making it possible to blend the vocoder effect with the synth sound, and it is also possible to select each of the oscillators or Timbre A/B as a source for the microphone input.

Three master effects slots each offer a choice of six different effects types. PRE FX delivers some saturation courtesy of distortion and amp simulation processors, whilst MOD FX provides classics such as phaser, chorus and tremolo modules. Finally, a REV/DELAY slot hosts a selection of ambient effects such as hall reverb and modulated delay. Hands-on control over their settings is available thanks to dedicated front-panel controls for each slot.

Modulation features including envelope generators, LFOs and a built-in joystick can be assigned to key parameters via a Virtual Patch system, offering a wealth of sound-shaping opportunity, and a there’s a versatile step arpeggiator that will automatically generate phrases based on played chords, with per-step duration, interval and on/off statuses.

New Modules

Korg Opsix Wavestate Modwave desktop rackmount synthesizer modulesThe Opsix, Wavestate & Modwave will soon be available as desktop/rackmount modules.

Three of the company’s popular instruments have now gained module equivalents, which can fitted with brackets that offer a range of desktop mounting angles, or rack ears that allow them to be placed in a standard 19-inch rack. When opting for the latter, recessed rear-panel I/O connectors allow equipment to be mounted directly above.

The Opsix, Wavestate and Modwave Modules deliver all of the features of their keyboard-equipped siblings, but in an even more compact footprint that’ll suit those with less space, or who’d prefer to use their own controller keyboard. Korg have extended their functionality, though, with all three of the new offerings boasting support for MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange and polyphonic aftertouch, and the Opsix offering an increased number of voices. We’ve covered each of the original instruments in detail, you can check out the following reviews to find out more:

Opsix mk II

Korg Opsix mk II compact FM synthesizer

An updated version of the original keyboard model of the Opsix is also on the way, which in addition to a visual redesign, now boasts a total of 64 voices — double the count of its predecessor. It remains fully compatible with all of the sounds and samples from the original version as well as the Opsix Native software.

More To Come

The company have also announced a number of other product launches scheduled for later in the year, including the NTS-1 Digital mk II, NTS-3 KAOSS Pad and microKORG 2 — we’ll cover them in another news story once more details become available.

Pricing & Availability

  • KingKORG NEO: £949 including VAT, shipping February 2024
  • Opsix Module: £649 including VAT, shipping April 2024
  • Wavestate Module: £649 including VAT, shipping April 2024
  • Modwave Module: £699 including VAT, shipping April 2024
  • Opsix mkII: £699 including VAT, shipping March 2024

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